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What does Writing look like at Vicarage Park School?

K.Green- Subject Lead

At Vicarage Park School our intent when teaching writing is through a thematic topic approach, making links across subjects and previous topics taught. A love of writing comes from a love of reading and having an interest in words and learning new vocabulary. We believe that writing skills are vital to the development of pupils so they are prepared for their future life. Our aim is to deliver a broad and balanced writing curriculum using objectives from the National Curriculum 2014.

Writers at Vicarage Park:

  • Show high levels of achievement and exhibit positive attitudes towards writing.
  • Use and understand language as speakers, readers and writers.
  • Are competent, confident and independent in their use of language in their writing.
  • Have an awareness of different audiences and purposes for writing.
  • Apply grammatical knowledge in their writing.
  • Apply their phonetical knowledge to their writing.
  • Apply their high standards of writing in all areas of the curriculum.

By the end of year 6 we intend our children to have developed a love of writing and they will be able to express themselves creatively through the written word. Throughout our creative curriculum the children are given many opportunities to write through History, Geography and Science as well as linking their writing to the quality text read during each half termly topic. Through the discrete teaching of spelling and grammar these skills are then embedded through the teaching of Alan Peat writing ideas.


The EYFS curriculum is followed to ensure continuity and progression from entering Nursery, moving through the EYFS and then through to the National Curriculum in KS1/2. The EYFS curriculum is divided into prime and specific areas of learning and development. ‘Communication and Language’ is one of three prime areas that are fundamental to supporting language development. It is made up of the following aspects listening and attention, understanding and speaking. ‘English’ is one of the four specific areas which include the development of essential skills and knowledge and is made up of the two aspects reading and writing. Children learn through play, speaking and listening activities, teacher modelling, group work and self-direction.


In years 2/6 the statutory exemplification is followed to give children a teacher assessed outcome for writing. These are moderated amongst other local school and occasionally an external moderator will come into Vicarage Park. In Reception/year 1, 3, 4 and 5 formative assessment is completed using whole school tracking grids. These are monitored termly and progress assessed using Scholarpack summative data every half term. Children are supported in their writing by Building Block small group support work as and when is needed.

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