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Collective Worship

 Collective Worship provides opportunities for pupils and staff to explore and celebrate the Christian values on which the school is based and to reflect on the bigger questions of life.

The Collective Worship scheme is broadly a four year cycle and the content includes:

  • Links to the Church year
  • Presentation of Bible stories
  • Opportunities for children’s participation
  • Links to the school curriculum
  • A variety of stimuli and media, including the creative arts
  • Opportunities to revisit different themes progressively and developmentally

We are also very fortunate to have a group of local church members who belong to 'Open the Book' who come to perform Bible stories for us every Wednesday. 

During the Autumn term 2021, we also welcomed the new vicar, Rev Shanthi Thompson, in to school every Tuesday and she led us through an understanding of the Lord's Prayer, using music, drama and visual resources. The children loved this - especially as it reinforced the Y1, Y4 and Y5 work in class on prayer. Have a look at the picture of Mrs Gaunt and Year 1 writing their names on the hands after their PE lesson in the hall. During the Spring Term, Shanthi has introduced us to each of the disciples and also taught us another new song.

There is a photo below of Shanthi leading Collective Worship and talking about showing love for each other. Shanthi used the story of the Good Samaritan for this - which is our school Bible story to reflect our values. You should be able to see the feet of the man who has been attacked, see the robbers in their flat caps and tell the priestly helper from their robes.


Please see our Collective Worship policy below for more details.

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