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Community and Living Well Together

Vicarage Park School has close links with the local community and supports and contributes to many local events such as Torchlight, the Mountain Festival, the county Show, Unity Festival, Brewery Dance Festival, the Mayor's School Garden prize.

The school itself is also a strong community and prides itself on the good relationships between pupils and between pupils and staff. Though the COVID 19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on many people's lives, we have been touched by the fact that it has brought the school comunity closer together and strengthened the community bond.

Health and Mental Health has always had a high priority in school and staff have received training in Mental Health, First Aid and Chill Skills. School staff also work closely with Public Health Cumbria 5-19 and agencies such as Barnardo's. These skills have been vital as we have supported children and families through the pandemic and the varous forms of closure, lockdown and remote education.

We also recognise ourselves as a wider community - being part of the church, and as part of Collective Worship we have begun to understand what the Christian church looks like around the world. To help us with this, we have been following Sparkle the Swallow. Every time we meet a new country, we make a note of it on the map; have a look at the photo of the display that is in school.

Each pupil also made their own cross, based on a different world Christian cross, and these were then combined to show how we all belong to a bigger community. This display was finished just before the March 2020 lockdown, but was kept safely in storage until we could all enjoy being in the hall together again; it has really brightened up the space in the hall again - have a look.


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