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Compassion   Responsibility   Courage

In the Spring of 2017, the values of the school were reviewed by the whole school community: the governors, the parents, the staff and the pupils. Everyone was asked whether to keep the values that were there or to change them.

The value of compassion was a clear favourite and was felt to embody the ethos at Vicarage Park. The other three, however, were little known and had no clear role or meaning in the life of the school. In their place, came the values of reponsibility and courage.

Our values are now an integral part of our everyday school life; they are threaded and celebrated and studied through our curriculum and are the reference point of our school behaviour system and our interaction with others.

The children understand that the three values are relevant to the understanding of themselves: showing compassion to themselves, taking responsibility for their actions, and showing courage in their learning and their approach to life, making the right decisions in difficult situations. They also understand that the values are part of their interactions with others: showing compassion to others, having a responsibility to others and to the world, and being courageous sometimes on behalf of others.

The school has taken the story of the Good Samaritan as representative of these values in the Christian faith and identifies with living out these values in the world.

During the Parent Survey in Summer 2019, parents could clearly identify how the values were seen in the life of the school; have a look at their comments in the summary below.

During the Summer of 2020, returning to a strange time after the first lockdown, Year 6 also reflected on where they had seen our values in action during the start of the pandemic. These were shared in class and some are still on display to remind us of that time; have a look below.

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