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What does Computing look like at Vicarage Park School?

A.Rix- Subject Lead

At Vicarage Park School, the Computing curriculum is delivered through a scheme of work called ‘Teach Computing’. The Teach Computing curriculum is structured into units for each year group, and each unit is broken down into lessons. Where possible, the units are linked to the topic that is being taught.

E-safety is threaded throughout the Computing curriculum and the wider curriculum. It is taught through a mixture of Project Evolve and Teach Computing lessons.

Children have a weekly computing lesson. Children have access to iPads and laptops and physical, programmable hardware, which can be used to deliver the Computing curriculum or other areas of the curriculum where they can practise the skills they have been taught.


The impact of our teaching in Computing is evidenced through teacher assessment, an end of unit piece of work, lesson observations and pupil voice. Children will be able to use Computing vocabulary confidently and by Year 5 and 6 will be able to independently choose to present their work in Computing and other curriculum areas in different ways using technology.

Aims of our Computing curriculum:

Children at Vicarage Park will develop skills to express themselves, be creative and be equipped so they can apply their skills in Computing to different challenges as they progress in their education.

Children at Vicarage Park will be able to demonstrate their computational skills to solve complex problems by understanding what the problem is and developing possible solutions. They will present these solutions in a way that a computer, a human, or both, can understand.

Children at Vicarage Park will be safe users of technology and use it in a positive and socially responsible way.

Children at Vicarage Park will be able to transfer their Computing knowledge and skills to other areas of the curriculum.

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