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What does History look like at Vicarage Park School?


K.Green- Subject Lead

At Vicarage Park School our intent when teaching History is through a thematic topic approach, making links across subjects and previous topics taught. History is a subject driver for the topics we teach in half terms 1 and 4, however elements are also covered through other topic and curriculum areas.

Through our History curriculum, as well as delivering the statutory expectation of the National Curriculum, we also plan to ensure we stimulate the children’s curiosity in order for them to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding as well as reinforcing their comprehension, reasoning and problem solving skills. To ensure that pupils develop a secure knowledge that they can build on, our History curriculum is organised through our two key threads (substantive concepts) of ‘Change’ and ‘Justice’ the pupils will learn:-

CHANGE:- This theme runs throughout the History curriculum and allows the children to recognise the impact and influence key historical events and eras have had on both Britain and the world up to the modern day.

JUSTICE- This theme focuses on how the justice system had developed and changed over the ancient periods in History right through to modern day. The children explore and develop their debating and oracy skills by giving their opinions supported with evidence and justifications.

The children will learn through various teaching styles, collaborative learning discussion sessions and critical thinking activities. A BIG curriculum question is posed at the start of the topic and then that is broken down into more specific questions that are answered in a creative way using ‘Double Page Spreads;, the children can express the answer to the questions in whichever format they choose, allowing them to take ownership for their learning, being more responsible and challenging themselves.


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