KASC Primary School Swimming Gala 2018

On Saturday 3rd March 2018, a team of 9 swimmers from KS2 represented Vicarage Park School at the KASC Primary School Swimming Gala. They competed in heats before finding out whether they had made it to the finals. There were club and non-club swimmers and races for all to take part in. 

We made it to the finals in the girls race and the non-club swimmers race. The non-club swimmers came third overall and won a bronze medal. 

The whole team did amazingly well; Mrs Green and Mr Harris were very proud of them all. 

Well done to Tia (6), Chloe(6), Nicole (6), Emelia (4), Nathan (5), Ewan (5), Triston (6), Liam (6) and Austin (4).

A special mention to Chloe (6), Triston (6), Liam (6) and Ewan (5) who won a bronze medal. 

See photos and results attached. 

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