Celebration Worship

Everyone tried extra hard this week in all of their work, well done to everybody!

Celebration Certificates:


Louis [5]


Nicole [3]

Oscar [R]

Lily F [6]

Harry T [4] from two weeks ago.


Jacob [2]

Harry T [4] from the the 1st of November.

Congratulations to everyone for earning their certificates!

The Teachers were very happy with the work achieved this week, and so the House Points were very high!

Oak: 76 points- 10 points were added by April.

Beech: 40 points.

Hazel: 56 points.

Horse Chestnut: 53 points.

Golden Leaf Winner: April [2] Well Done April!

Other Celebrations,

Last year, the present Year 6's completed a 100 Word Mini Sage Challenge, they have now been congratulated and have been awarded their certificates.

Year 6 have also tried very hard in their Bikeability, and have now officially passed their Level 2 Training Course. They have been given their badges and certificates.

Well Done to everybody this week, we hope we have just as much to celebrate next week!

Also, if you have things to celebrate from out of school, please bring them in, inform Mrs Green and we will happily celebrate them on a Friday Celebration Worship!