Quarry Bank Mill Visit 2019

On Thursday the 3rd of October, Year 6 went on an amazing trip to Quarry Bank Mill, so that they could get a taste of what life was like during the Industrial Revolution. Everyone was amazed at the hard working conditions, and how poorly some of the children were looked after. Year 6 were incredibly well behaved, although they did have to be as Mrs. Shawcross- the Apprentice School Mistress and Housekeeper- was very strict. The children took in lots of knowledge, and have proved that in their follow-up work. Without a doubt I am sure their favourite part was definitely being at the Apprentice House. They were also getting into the role of doing all of the childrens' Mill jobs, whilst being dressed up!

Thank you to Quarry Bank Mill, I am sure we can all agree that it was definitely worth the long coach journey!