Year 4 2021 - 2022

Mr Moffatt

As our Spring Term comes to an end, Year 4 have quite an exciting finish. 

We set off on an exciting journey to the city of York, or Jorvik, where in our class text Tostig's rule is causing a bit of a stir. Magnus, (and Hakon his trusted Housecarl friend), is son of Lord Earl Harold Godwinson, the prospective heir to the throne of England. Magnus and Hakon see at first hand how the people of the old kingdon of Northumbria are suffering; high taxes, vicious attacks on their homesteads, having their families torn apart, with women taking into slavery or the men killed. Anglo Saxon times were brutal!

We will explore both inside and outside of the city walls, (built by the romans in stone). We will visit the Jorvik centre, DIG, The Minster and navigate our way through the old streets and up the once busy river, filled with longships...The Ouse. 

To end our trip, and tire out those wanting more, we will head off to something more modern, a brand new climbing facility, Clip n Climb on the outskirts of York.

Pictures of our adventure will be available on our return.


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